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Travel tips in Vietnam

Hi everyone,
I visited Halong, Vietnam, now i am preparing long trip in Vietnam. I chose place to go already, but i wanna more travel tips or guides in Vietnam to have safe and unforgetable trip. Give me any tips to travel in Vietnam, pls?


  • @thomasjackson I'll travel with my wife and we'll be going a week. @Aliceteddy you traveled Halong planned by yourself or tour agency?
  • Hi Chrisphh
    You are welcome to Vietnam. i'd like to give you some tips to travel to Vietnam such as
    The traditional greeting gestures are head nodding or Buddhist’s praying
    - The handshake is becoming more common for both men and women.
    - Bargaining is a must when shopping at markets or shops
    - Keep your feet on the ground where they belong
    - Stay calm and smile when the locals make mistakes to you
    - Practice eating with chopsticks (in Vietnam, Japan, Korea and China)
    - Bring light clothes, some long pants, shirts with sleaves, shorts,
    T-shirts, swimming suits etc except in Winter (December to March).
    - Bring your own medication for normal stomach problems, headache, cold, insect bites, etc.
    - Tipping is not customary in those countries, but will be highly appriciated by guides, drivers, hotel and restaurant staff.
    - Don't wear shoes inside some temples, pagodas, homes, guesthouses or shops
    - Don't show much money, jewelry, or expensive belongings while hanging around in big cities, which may attract pick-pocketters.
    - Don't touch adult people on the head or unknown women.
    - Don’t leave a pair of chopsticks sticking vertically in a rice bowl because it looks very similar to the incense sticks which are burned for the dead.
    - Don’t eat much raw vegetable
  • Besides Halong, where should i go on March in Vietnam, Northen of Southern of Vietnam will better?
  • yeah! I support the idea to visit Sappa, it is absolutely amazing place!
  • I visited Sapa in January. It was very cold and it rained too much. I advise an impermeable jacket, hat and gum boots
    I recommend not to leave the cards to hotel for the shipping. They are not arrived to my friends
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    Sapa now has beautiful weather. The lowest temperature of about 12 degrees C, warm sunny in daytime. March, April has suitable weather to go trekking. To May, June, it can rain and daytime temperatures up to 28 degrees C.
  • You have another choice to go Cat Ba island with very nice weather. My friends have been there 3 times but still would like to come back there, especially in this early summer.
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    When traveling Halong bay, you can take a boat to Co To island, it takes 1 or 2 hour from Halong to this island. Co To island is still new for travelers but you will not forget its wild and charm beauty. You should book a tour to travel there, travel agent will prepare all permits to enter the island for you.
  • In The north of Vietnam, Sapa and Halong is the best place you should visit, If you have long day trip then travel to central , there are Nha Trang and ancient Hoi A town ->almost Travellers love Hoian because rich culture and landscape.

    South of Vietnam, take a trip to Mekong delta place, Mui Ne beach and If you like cool weather and fresh air then Da lat is also well too.

    It is our advice for a long trip.


    Go Indochina Tours team
  • Here are some travel tips:

    1 ) Make a schedule where you go.
    2) Get travel insurance
    3) Take first Aid box.
    4) Carry your own water bottle.
    5) Buy a good sim card, they provide best telephone or internet services.
    6) Ask permission firstly before taking snaps.
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