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I need a Grenada Tourist Visa.

edited January 2016 in Caribbean
Hello sir/ma
My name is Alfred Momah. I'm an engineer by profession i'm a Nigerian and i recide in Lagos. I want to make enquires about Grenada Visa. I have tried locating Grenada embassy in Nigeria but i'm not sure if there is any here like the UK and the US ambassy we locate them easily. Please i need to know if there is still any entry for Nigeria passport holders as i'd like to travel on Taurism. I want to know all it takes to be grated a Grenada visa. I'd also love to know were my passoport will be submitted,duration of visa issuance and my other original supporting documents to be submitted for assesment. I will also want to how much the visa fee is and to whome it will be paid. I have schaduled next month for my travel arrangements, as i have to go to Grenada and come back to Nigeria due to my work occupation. How can you help me out?


  • @alfred_momah123 unless you have a visa there is nopoint in scheduling any travel arrangements.
    If you need to go to Grenada because of your work then surely your employers should be assiting you.

    The nearest Grenadian Consulate is in South Africa, contact them and the Consulate will answer all your questions.

    Honorary Consulate of Grenada in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
    Postnet Suite 147, X9005 Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

    27 11 787 4211
    27 82 389 4009
    [email protected]
  • I got your message thank you so much. I will feed you back as i proceed with the Hon. South African Consulate.
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