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runaway bride

edited January 2016 in - South Korea
Hi guys .im a runaway bride from korea since 2012 and im a F6 visa holder .before the expiration of my visa i decided to go back philippines coz i dont want to be blacklisted in korea.i just want to ask if i still can go back in korea to work .what should i do ?? If anyone here knows please help me thank u .


  • hi there.. hope you're having a good day..
    my bestfriend who's in korea now is staying illegally there for almost 5 months now and im worried about her.
    i just talk to her about her plan on VOLUNTARILY exit korea.. because she wants to go back to ph and apply for US fiance' visa.. because she has bf who wnats to marry her.. but her problem is .. the EMBASSY OF US will ask for her POLICE CLEARANCE from embassy of korea.. will she would be able to get one??
    please i wanna help her and she's kinda feeling stress now and she thinks she's pregnant,, i wanna help her..
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