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Work in the USA - coming from Dubai

Hello. I found these forums while looking for information to help out a friend of mine.

She is living in Dubai and due to recent situations, she may have to move back to Egypt. She is trying to avoid this. We're trying to find out if she would be able to get part-time work or a paid internship on a student visa, and if so, what it'd require to set something up like that.

Any responses and feedback are greatly appreciated, and I would be most grateful for any assistance at all. Thank you!


  • @misenplace you do not say what nationality your friend is nor what type of visa she presently she holds or how she resides in Dubai and finally why shre has to leave. We cannot assist you if you do not provide the facts.
  • edited January 2016
    I apologize for not initially providing that information.

    She is Egyptian but is on her dad's sponsorship visa-wise, currently. She currently resides in Dubai as a resident. Her residency is expiring due to her dads sponsorship being terminated, so she is looking for higher education and work opportunities. She would like to apply as a student as she does not currently have her student visa. Basically a sustainable living condition that would get her in the country where she could support herself.
  • @misenplace I cannot help you I am a lawyer not a recruitment agent. Surely your Friend needs to approach universities etc. will her parents allow her to stay? Probably not.
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