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Entering UK on Spouse Visa

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Hi, I will apply for Settlement/Spouse visa soon. However, I heard that after getting visa. I should enter into UK within next 30 days. I am a working professional I would not be able to leave my company soon and I don't want to take chance of first leaving company than apply for visa as, new visa rules are very strict I may get rejected. So, is it true that I have to enter into UK within 30 days after getting visa? Any idea?


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    @adeepak9 I am a UK lawyer and can confirm the following.

    From 18 March 2015, those entering the United Kingdom for more than six months will receive a 30 day ‘vignette sticker’ in their passport instead of a vignette with the full grant of leave.
    Applicants will be required to collect their Biometric Residence Permit from a British post office within ten days of arrival in the UK. The BRP card can then be used as proof of the right to work, study and access public services in the UK. The card will also need to be presented when travelling in and out of the UK, along with a valid travel document,such as a passport.

    As for this nonsense about your job, you are going to live and work in the United Kingdom , you will not be requiring your job as your life should be living fulltime with your wife and building a life together in the UK, when you are granted the visa, resign. it is that simple.
  • @Alethia thanks for the information and advise :-) will follow what you said
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    Alethia of course is correct in what she said.......what I don't understand about your concerns are about your current job, when you should be concentrating on what you are going to do in the UK. Do you have a job lined up already? Which route are you entering the UK on as far as passing the financial requirement. Savings? Your spouse(sponsor) earnings are your major concern if that is the route you are taking. Try not to worry too much, if you have all the necessary criteria you will get your Visa. However you have to have EVERYTHING they want! Good luck to you. :-)
  • @MaureenKB Dear, Thanks a lot for your advise too. I will be entering into UK through my spouse/settlement visa, and I do not have any lined up job any at the moment for UK. and yes, I know about the financial requirements and all that. Thanks again :-)
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