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Is it safe

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Hi Lesely, I am going to Tunisia next year with my Two daughters ages 22 and 26 I am aware of the dress code in muslim countries as we have just come back from Turkey,is it safe to go out as a few web sites warn against going in an all female group.


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    Please move your question to the post "Safety for Women in Tunisia".

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    Terryanply - I will post my comments here and in the other thread. Turkey is not like here!! It is a multicultural and mixed religious country. Tunisia is Islamic - nothing else. Yes, you can go out but you need to be careful where you go and of course it will depend on where you are visiting. Be aware that coffee houses are mainly populated by men so if you see lots of men sitting outside, pass by (preferably on the other side of the street). In restaurants you will be ushered to the 'family' area. This is for your comfort. In some of the tourist areas there are discos but these are also populated by the locals looking for a 'good' time. Under no circumstances should you go to what you think is the local bar. Muslims should not drink but those that do tend to overload! Alcohol is available in the hotels and that's where I suggest you get a 'beer' at the end of the day.
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