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Construction man i think is scamming my soon to be step mom

I need help my boyfriend's mother is talking to some guy who claims to live in Rochester,NY a couple hours away from her but he over seas in an area close to Africa and claims he can not leave due to the fact that he lost his passport and id and all his money. He claims to have three girls in Rochester and his wife of 19 years died. He at first asked for her to send him 5000 to get him home and she said no. He then said that he will deposit his check of 300000 into her bank account and for him to send it to him via Western Union. She wont listen to anyone about being scammed im just wondering is she getting scammed how do I convince her?


  • @jyounglove123490 your boyfriends mother is definately being scammed.
    You can find stories like this all over the internet

    If a USA citizen is in difficulties abroad the first port of call is the US Embassy. Why would he ask a women he met on the internet for money when he can go to the US Embassy.
  • Alethia is absolutely right - this sounds like a classic scam. Perhaps if your boyfriend's mom reads about similar scams she will realise how suspicious it all is.
  • She wont listen to anyone I just don't want anything to happen to her this has happen twice before she was out 300 dollars and then now she owe a credit card company 3000 dollars cause some guy told her to activate the credit card send him 1400 dollars then buy an iPhone 6 for him.
  • @jyounglove123490 this woman must have mental health issues as no one in their right mind would be scammed twice. There is nothing you can do to help her.
  • Does anyone know of a man claiming to be Tom Q Nelso, building a bridge in Nigeria, supposedly has a daughter Mariam there with him, his x-wife cheated on him 2 times, the 2nd w/his best friend, he was in the hospital from it, his x-wife doesn't see her daughter... Now his mixer in Nigeria is broke & he needs $ to have it fixed so he can complete his contract & come back to the USA. Supposedly lives in Farmington Hills, MI.
  • Tom Q Nelson
  • @semalzil
    His mixer broke and only you can send money to fix it. How stupid can you be to believe such a pathetic story. Tom Q Nelson does not exist he is a Nigerian scammer in a boiler room in Lagos.

    When will you people learn that these stories are nonsense these scammers want your money and its not for a cement mixer.
  • "... Now his mixer in Nigeria is broke & he needs $ to have it fixed..."

    Oh my God. You can't be serious.

  • I am glad to have received replies to my inquiry. I knew it was a scam as soon as he started copy song lyrics & poems &, "I was his Angel, his soulmate, missing rib....." Please, I am not a fool. I fear for women that would fall for this & wanted to get his name out there although I'm sure he has many more. No one in their right mind would believe all of the lovesick stories he told me & trust me, he didn't get one penny out of me. Now I'm the worst person, a devil, in the world. Ok, really? Who is the devil in this scam. Thank you Aletia for what you told me & CheersT for you finding his "sad" story so pathetic. His day is closing in on him. Again, I thank you both.
  • Best of luck to you.

  • A scammer called himself edden bent in fb said same thing to me. I am his missing rib. I got same poems from 2 scammers. Aggressive for asking money after 2 weeks on fb. They are relentless. His picture I later found to be that of an armenian actor Gor Vardanyan. He was determined to get you in love with him and ask for money. I suspect he lives in Malaysia. Didnt get his money.So sad that people get to that poinr.
  • tar7890, stop trying to meet a real person on the internet.

    Meet a real person in real life. It's not difficult. Stop hiding behind a computer screen.

    Good luck.

  • I agree, totally
  • All the best to you.

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