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Transportation from Charleroi airport to Brussels

Can anyone provide detailed information on how to get from the Charleroi airport to Brussels via shuttle and/or train, specifically the Schuman Circle Metro Stop?


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    Charleroi train station
    right by the airport
    take a direct train to brussels
    there are a few train station stop in Brussels do you know which you are going to?
    Gare du NOrd
    Gare du Sud
    Gare de midi
    I often took and express train to la louviere that is in the same area
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    My reply comes late, but for the information of everyone travelling to Brussels, arriving to Charleroi airport:

    The shuttle bus is the easiest way to get to Brussels from Charleroi airport. The shuttles arrive in Gare du Midi (Zuidstation in Flemish), and from there you can take a metro or an underground tram to most of the places in the city. The metro map can be found for example here:
    There have been changes in the metro network lately, so be sure to check the latest version of it, the one with metro lines with numbers 1-6.

    If you arrive late in the evening, remember that the public transportation runs only till around midnight. There are some nightbuses, though, but the network of them is not very complete. Anyway, my advice would be to avoid wandering by foot around the station areas at night time, as that might not be the safest thing to do... If arriving late, I recommend taking a taxi; if your destination is in the city area, it'll cost you maximum 20 euros probably less.

    And as a correction to the comment of "2naive":
    There are three main railway stations in Brussels: Gare du Nord (Noordstation), Gare Centrale (Centraalstation), and Gare du Midi (Zuidstation). The name of Gare du Midi / Zuidstation is confusing, because the French and the Flemish names don't match.
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    I often fly with Ryanair from Charleroi.
    Found good option when I travel early morning flights from airport. offer to pick you up and drop you off at Charelroi fro 15 Eur per person. Once I paid bit more because they need minimum of 50 eur for transfer, but still it was better than spend two hours in the traffic and OK... lets say save 5-10 eur.

    their email is [email protected] normally they answer quickly, but better to ask them in advance.

    Good luck,
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