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Zika Virus

We will soon be traveling to Jamaica again, but this time I am pregnant. I don't recall mosquitos this time of year, but should I be concerned about them and the Zika virus?


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    I am not a doctor but I believe you should be very concerned to travel to Jamaica while you are pregnant.
    In Jamaica it is not the Zika virus but the Chikungunya virus, also referred to as CHIKV, which is a member of the alphavirus genus, and Togaviridae family and is as equally dangerous as Zika as both are vector borne diseases.There is no cure or anti viral medecine for either of these illnesses

    After the detection of zika virus in Brazil in April 2015, the first ever in the Western Hemisphere, it is now thought some chikungunya and dengue fever cases could in fact be zika virus cases or coinfections.

    Pregnant women and their unborn child are in the high risk category , ChikV can stay in the body and become chronic illnesses leading to permanent physical disability.

    Experts have labelled the outbreak of Zika in Latin America as a "pandemic in progress," after witnessing the rise of babies being born with abnormally small heads, a condition known as microcephaly.

    Why would you want to put yourself and your unborn child at risk?

  • Thank you :)
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