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visa mozambique

Can i get a visa for Mozambique at border


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    @fazwick you forgot to mention one important fact, what nationality are you.?
  • Australian
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    Here's some fairly recent anecdotal experiences...

    Mozambique is corrupt as hell which means something can usually be worked out, same as many places in Africa.

    Have fun.

  • @fazwick
    All tourists and those travelling for work purposes from countries where there is a Mozambican diplomatic mission must get a tourist or business visa before travelling. If you’re travelling from a country where there is no Mozambican diplomatic mission you can get a visa on arrival although visitors have sometimes reported problems doing so.

    Mozambique does not have an Embassy in Australia, therefore you can obtain a visa at the airport on arrival.

    You must present on entry a return air ticket (for air travellers) and either an invitation from family / friends or a confirmed hotel reservation.
  • I have been to Mozambique a few times and have always got a visa on arrival, but it looks like things have changed recently and you should get a visa in advance if you are arriving from a country that has a Mozambique embassy.

    Officially, this has been the case since 2003 but unofficially, until recently, almost all foreigners have been able to purchase these visas on arrival. The only factor was that the ‘visto de fronteira’ was $25 more expensive and limited to a single entry.

    Things have changed and now foreigners arriving without a visa from a country with a Mozambican mission may be denied entry and sent to South Africa or another country on the next available flight. I recommend you obtain a visa in advance from the Mozambique Embassy in your country.

    Here is a list of embassy contacts:

    Here is some visa advice:
    Visit for destination advice
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