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Longer than 3 month visitors visa for New Zealand

edited August 2009 in - New Zealand
My daughter and myself would like to visit New Zealand for longer than 3 months.

We are South African and we are living in Tonga.
It is very hot here in Tonga during summer and we would love to visit New Zealand for that time.
My husband will be working and he will not be joining us.
We know we are allowed 3 months, but was wondering if we can stay longer if we want to.
Are there a visa that would allow us to stay longer. We will not be working or studying and we will have sufficient funds.

Could someone please help me with this.


  • I think you just have to extend by another 3 months. although it is very pricey 
  • Juanita, as South African citizens you and your daughter are on the visa waiver list that allows you to stay for three months and the visa is granted on arrival at the airport.

    To stay longer , a maximum of nine months, you must apply for your visa before you travel.
    In both cases you must demonstrate that you have sufficient funds for trp as you cannot work.

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