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Want to send a care package

edited January 2016 in - South Africa
I wonder if anybody can help me? I would like to send a care package to our family members in South Africa, but I'm not sure what we can send. We would like to send dried pasta, rice, crackers, canned vegetables and sweets such as cookies and maybe even some instant coffee. We may also want to send some baking goods such as flour and sugar. Is this going to be a problem? Please let me know As soon as possible as our family members have lost their job and are in need of food.


  • @afaria83, I'm sorry to hear your family are in need of this kind of help, but all of the stuff you list can be bought cheaply and easily in South Africa. I think therefore that it would be much easier and cheaper to send them a gift voucher or something of that sort. Imagine how much it would cost to send heavy canned goods internationally! Just send a voucher and a packet of luxury cookies or something like that. You won't have problems with dry goods usually - South Africa is very particular about animal and plant products coming across its borders though.
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    I was shocked to read your post , whilst I am sorry your relatives are in difficulties , sending food through the post is not the answer, in fact in my opinion its ridiculous.

    Ella lives in South Africa and she is correct in what she has writen. South Africa like many countries does not allow certain products into its land. Your relatives can buy food very easily and cheaply, South Africa has ample food.

    Send the money you were going to spend on food and postage to your relatives via Western Union, Moneygram or by bank transfer, if they wait for a food parcel that maybe confiscated by the SA Post Office they will be starving !!

    Why have your relatives not asked for assistance , SA has a social security system and there are churches, mosques, temples and other charities that assist people.

    If your relatives are not South African citizens or are not legally living in South Africa then maybe they should return home.
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