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Probable Scam

Has anyone had a young lady that claims to be a former playmate say they really love them and want a relationship with them. I have met this lady that really seems sincere and genuine. I'm 66 and she is 30. Claims she does not care about the age. Of course I'm interested to see where it might go but I'm wary that it is a scam. It all appeared legit with pics and vids of her at Playboy club in DC and we we were supposed to meet. I sent her a couple hundred bucks at Christmas. She asked that it be sent via Moneygram to some one else who would get it for her. Now my radar and everything in me tells me this is a scam but she introduced me to a guy she claims is her adopted father. I actually talked live with him and he convinced me it is all on the up and up. Well here is where it really got interesting. She went to Dubi for what I thought was a playboy photo shot. Could have been a prince arranging for a pretty girl to come and be him for a week, Who really knows. But then she supposably went to Largos Nigeria to buy gold at some terrific price. She then claimed she was in a car accident where she was ambushed, Driver killed and all her documents and Money was stolen. She sent pics of Police report and Hospital admissions report as her leg was hurt in the accident. Now she claims she does not have enough money to come home. I'm not sending anything. My heart is saying help her of course. My brain won't allow it. I will tell you I have seen scams before but this one appears a lot different. My heart wants to believe she is real.


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    You must be as thick as brick , of course its a scam !

    Having a car accident and losing ID and money is a well used scam
    This woman claims to be a US citizen but has not asked for assistance from the US Embassy , she has family her "adopted father" but only you can send money. You have never met this woman in person , "she" is probably not even a female but a young man sitting in an internet cafe in Nigeria.

    Here are just two playmates whose photos were stolen by scammers.

    There is no fool like an old fool
  • white86z, thanks for today's chuckle. A Nigerian man somewhere is laughing their head off at you.


  • Just wondering if it's a scam, but this guy claimed to be a surgeon, and being a mixed parentage of mother from the States and Father from England, his English is atrociously bad, with terrible grammars. But he is able to send me pictures of this cute guy, I think around 10 photos and probably accumulating, since our conversation slightly more than a week. He claimed to be a cardiothoracic surgeon in London, which I couldn't google any result, as that should be quite a niche occupation... all I have is his cellphone number for the whatsapp... wondering if anyway to check the owner's name with the operator?

    Just a lot of little stuff that adds up to makes me feel he's a scam... any inputs from the rest?
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