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Turkish Marriage/VISA settlement in UK

Unsure if I sent this to Alethia correctly as new to this.

Hi Alethia and everyone else. Finally I have found someone (Alethia)!knowledgeable and passionate about helping others in what is a minefield of conflicting or vague information.
I will try to keep it short as I can see you will most likely be inundated with requests for advice.

I am Scottish and my fiancé Turkish. We hope to marry in Turkey (either Istanbul/Mersin) in March/April this year.

My question is do you have a checklist for what is required to successfully achieve the required visa for my husband to be to move to Scotland?
We have spent hours/days/nights of research but it would be much simpler if there were a checklist of what is necessary. It may be that we are good to go but I'm fearful we get it wrong as I'm of the understanding that you only get 2 attempts? I cannot imagine not having him here with me after all this time and effort and patience. It is only the thought of finally being together that keeps us going.

I very much look forward to hearing from you


  • @Dee18
    You are right I am passionate about what I do because attention to detail when dealing with immigration, visa's and human tights can change peoples lives.

    Each case for UK settlement is unique but there are rules that must be followed.
    These rules can be found at
    Family Life with a partner.
    and Appendix FM-SE

    To simplify the rules you , the British spouse are known as the sponsor and must have the following if you are employed however if you are self employed requirements change slightly :

    1. An income of £18600 or more per annum and have been working for your employer for over 6 months
    2. 6 months paylsips - exact salary must show in bank statements
    3. 6 months bank statement - you cannot be overdrawn
    4. Proof of accomodation rent agreement or mortgage statement
    5. If you rent a home you must have a letter from the agent, council or housing association to say there are no rent arrears, they give permission for your husband to live with you, the number of bedrooms and who else lives in the property and finally your tenancy agreement.
    6. Latest Council tax bill
    7. Gas, electric water,phone bill to show you live at the properrty
    8. Marriage certificate
    9. Wedding photos
    10. Divorce or death certificate if you have been married before.
    11. Letter from your employer , stating the date you started your job, job title , that it is a full time job , gross annual salary , NI number and finally job is a permanet position.

    There can be do definitive list as peoplke circumstances are different, for example if you live with your parents and your husband will live with you there, you may have rwo jobs, you may have children, There are so many variations that is why each application must be treated on its own merit.
    I have sent you a pm

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