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Remarriage in abroad with uk citizen

Hi Alethia,
I am an indian passport holder who lives in India. I was in uk on student visa from 2010 to till 2012. I married an Lithuanian girl in London 24 August 2012. On time she wasn't working at anywhere and I was on student status even my college has been closeed by UKBA rules in January 2012. So I have come back 27 August 2012 (same date of my visa expiring) after 3 days of my wedding. Now my wife has applied for divorce in 2015 and in December 9 she got decree NI Si. As per of court rules, her solicitor will apply for decree NI SI absolute in 21 of jan 2016 and according to his words it will be granted in mid of feb.
The question is, now I am planning to get marriage in India with an British girl who born in uk after my decree absolute in march 2016.
What documents do we to apply spouse of settled person as she earn more then £30,000 annually and has pay slips and bank statements what she can bring on her visiting next month in India.
She has job contract as well with tenency contract for supporting accomodation us in uk.
She is 25 years of age and she belongs from an indian family and she has visited couple of times in India (2005 and 2008) and when I was there in uk, I also visit to her but as a good friend. But now in few months ago we started to like each other and fall in love deeply. It because I am going to be divorced and her anggagemnt has broken down.
Will my divorce put and wrong impact of my future spouse case as this will be grant that I misbehaved with my wife and she can't stay with me anymore?
I have cleared IELTS test last year in August in 2015 but it was acedmic ielts where I have got 6 band each. Is it ok or I need to give another one to be qualify for this spouse case?


  • edited January 2016
    In a British divorce no reason is given on the decree absolute as to why a divorce was granted. The divorce should have no impact on your future spouse application.

    Unfortunately you must for a spouse visa you need to take the IELTS LIFE SKILLS A1 your previous IELTS is no longer recognised

  • I don't think divorce will surely not have any impact on your future spouse application. You must take the help of a family law lawyer who will guide you on your situation.
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