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illegal marriage

hi im lookng for some help ive a friend who married a guy so he could get a visa to stay in ireland he basically forced her by trying to bribe her and bombard her till she gave in now she wants a divorce as she regrets her mistake fully he himself has had his visa revoked and as far as she knows he is still living in ireland she is very scared for herself and her kids on this regretable matter is there anyone who could give me some advice on this matter please


  • @friendhelp
    Your friend is foolish and bought this on herself, none can force you into an illegal marriage she should have gone to the police or told the registrar in confidence. If this man has had his visa revoked he is unlawfully in Ieland and can be picked up, arrested and removed at any time.
    All she has to do is go and see a divorce lawyer, simple.
  • she is afraid she will go to prison and loose her kids though
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    She simply has to seek a divorce, she does not need to tell everyone it was a fake mariage it all backfired any way because he does not have a visa.

    She can portray herself as really believing that this man loved her and now he has left her because he has no visa so she wants a divorce., she realises he tried to use her. If she sticks to that story your friend will be ok, she is not the first person to be duped into marriage.

    Why was his visa refused.?
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