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Marriage in tunisia with Lithuanian helppppp plz

edited February 2016 in - Tunisia

I am Tunisian

I want to marry a Lithuanian woman but i dont know which papiers i need and she need to bring it , to we can marry in tunisia

plzzz help



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    Please do not worry , marriage between aTunisian man and a lady from the EU, UK or USA is very straightforward.
    1.Your girlfriend must have an original birth certificate no older than 21 days before you

    2.She must also have a Certificate de Celibat (give this link to your girlfriend , as there
    is no Lithuanian embassy in Tunis, your fiancee gets the certificate from the ministry
    in Lithuania.
    informacija/konsulines-pazymos )

    3. Her passport:

    4. If she has been married before then she will also need her divorce documents

    All these documents must be translated into Arabic or French and certified, but you can do this in Tunisia cheaply:

    You need Certificate de naissance also certified and a certified copy of your ID Card plus passport if you have one.

    You will both need blood tests and these can also be done in any hodpital in Tunisia.

    Go to your local notaire and he can help you with all of this.

    Good luck
  • thx my friend
    but i want to ask ,after i did my papiers and the did her papiers in witch embasy i give it to i can take the permission of marriage ?
    or just i take my papiers and her papiers and just go to the town hall and marry ?
    thx u so much
    im waiting for ur answer friend
  • @jihad You do not need to go to any embassy, take the translated papers to the marriage office. The Certificate de Celibat from the Lthuainian government is enough.
    Dont forget your bloodtests.
    As I said in my previous post a Notaire can help you.
  • thanks so much alethia
  • hallo alethia
    can i ask u what mean all my papiers certified???
  • @jihad When the papers are translated they are automatically certified. I have told you over and over contact your local notaire who can do all of this.
    Why do you make things so complicated when you have been given simple advice.?
  • Jihad - I gave you all these answers by message. As Alethia says - don't make this more complicated than it is and stop listening to what the 'others' tell you. Alethia and I know more than all your Tunisian friends believe me!!!
  • ok thanks so muchhh for help :)
  • hey ..please i want your help to know what exactly i need to marry my icelandic girl friend and make it legal in iceland immigration office .. i live in qatar nd i met my girlfriend in iceland twice after that we decided to get engaged in tunisia im living abroad i dont know what is the procedures in tunisia nd how i can arrange all the docs as soon as possible ..
    kindly im looking for your help guys ..
    i will stay in tunisia for 7 days only to get engaged then i will celebrate my wedding in august..
    i appreciate your help in advance :)
    PS : I traveled to a lot of countries in europe and asia ,middle east ..
    do you think it can help me in my residence visa application as i will get married nd we want to be together as soon as possible ..hoping it will not take time more than 3 months .
  • Walid - I have no idea about Icelandic regulations in regard to foreign marriages. I am sure she knows and if she doesn't then she is in the best country to find out surely??

    I would not have thought that the decision to give you residence of Iceland will be calculated on how many countries you have lived in. They will be interested of course in the countries that you have been in but I am sure the decision is more likely based on whether this is a genuine relationship.

    As for you - you will need a new original certificate de naissance issued no more than 21 days before your marriage. Of course you will also need your certificate d'identitie and passport.

    Your girlfriend will need:

    Original birth certificate no older than 21 days prior to marriage
    Document stating her single status and ability to marry

    All these must be translated into Arabic/French and certified.

    You must both have blood tests in Tunisia.

    Inchallah mabrouk
  • hallo
    im from tunisia and married with a Lithuanian girls since 2 weeks now
    and i dont know how and what to do for family reunion ,in tunisia there is no embassy of lithuanie plzzzz help
  • Oh Jihad here you are yet again!!! She has to apply for you and she should gather all the information from Lithuania and then she can tell you what you need to do.
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