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visitor visa procedure for Nigeria

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I am US citizen traveling to Nigeria. I applied on line for my Visit, I have printed my knowledgment slip and my pay recipt. I have a date for interview but it's in another state. Do I mail my documents? Or what do I do next? I'm traveling April 1 2016. Can somebody help please.


  • @diviser
    You have a date for an interview then you must take all your documents with you, do not mail them, believe it or not foreign embassy are not at the beck and call of US citizens.
    Your travel date may be 1 April 2016 but you can go nowhere without a visa.
  • Dear Alethia, good day from Nigeria. I am a University student here in Nigeria i was suppose to graduate last year but i have some outstanding courses to write so i am having an extra year in school, i just received an invitation letter from a friend in Mississippi to visit for 30days. Do i have a chance of getting a tourist visa? please advise. Thanks
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    Impossible to answer Willy when you give zero details about your circumstances beyond being a student.

    That said I'll take a wild guess that you're a young, single guy with few ties to Nigeria and can give no compelling reason to US Immigration why you'd definitely return to home after your visit. If that guess is correct then your chances of being issued a Visa to visit the US is basically zero. Sorry.

    Good luck.

  • Unfortunately CheersT is quite right @Willy69. To get a visa you will need to prove compelling ties to your home country (which I'm assuming is Nigeria). A letter from the institution you're studying at outlining that you have paid for your studies and when they conclude etc may not be sufficient, especially as you are drawing near the end of your course. If you can prove property ownership or if you have dependents of any kind to support you may be able to make a case, but it seems unlikely. US visas are not the easiest to get, especially for young people as they are considered the greatest risk.
  • @Cheers T and Ella Johnson Thanks a lot. But i as i said i'm having an extra year in school due to some outstanding courses, i wouldn't want to leave behind my struggles for over 4years just because i want to go stay in the U.S, my certificate mean a lot to me and i am definitely coming back to get it.
  • That's not enough to convince US Immigration. Being a student in no way compels you to return home...

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