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lady stuck in lagos nigeria

edited February 2016 in Africa
i am here to get your advice. there is a lady, who is from Germany, and lived in Missouri. Got a job in Lagos Nigeria and a long the way has ran into issues. during her layover in Amsterdam they said her work visa had expired so they deported her back to Nigeria. would they not deport her back to Germany where she is from? Now she is stuck in immigration at the airport in Nigeria. says she needs 4500 to get her passport stamped so she can home. I do have a picture of her passport page but not sure if real or fake. please advise me if this makes any sense. how can i prove if she is real or fake?


  • @moshica99

    The only place this person is stuck is in front of a computer scamming you.
    Why am I saying this, well lets look at the facts.

    As a German citizen she would definitely not be deported from any country in Europe unless she committed a serious criminal offence.

    If she holds a Nigerian passport and is only resident in Germany she has the right to remain and travel in the European Schengen zone using her residence permit.

    Nigeria does not issue work permits easily as they have educated and skilled people and issueing work permits to foreigners takes work away from a Nigerian.

    The foreigners working in Nigeria are usually in the petroleum industry or on specialist construction and communication projects.Their work permits or CERPAC are obtained by the large international companies not by the individual. So the companies are responsible for their employee.

    You claim to have seen her passport so what nationality is she and why has she not sought assistance from her countries embassy? I suppose she is asking you for money as she cannot access her bank account , her family cannot help her you are her only hope. Lies !! $4500 to stamp a passport, if you believe that you are an idiot.

    None of what you have written makes any sense , you are being scammed, do not send money to this person, cut all ties and block them completely.
  • Ditto Alethia. 100% scam.

    With all due respect there's so many red flags that it's embarrassing to even read your post and see that you might think that any of this is real.

    Wipe her from your computer. Forget everything. Use some common sense in the future.

    All the best to you.

  • Thank you to all of you. You just saved my ass. I very much appreciate the honesty.
  • Thank you taking our honest, rational advice to heart and not going crazy like many people in your position who refuse to see the obvious.

    All the best to you.

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