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Halong Bay tours from Hanoi, Vietnam

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Next week, I have bussiness in Hanoi, Vietnam during a week, i have only 1 day break, i want to visit Halong Bay and enjoy cruise one night. Any recommendation about how to get halong bay from hanoi and what's best cruise in there.?
Thanks in advance


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    Hi Chrisphh, there are so many ways to get you to Ha Long Bay, few of which you can check out on Trip Advisor here

    Also, about cruises, you can look at few of the good options and suggested itineraries here: here
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    Hi Chrisphh,

    If you want more information about Halong Bay including transport options and admission prices, as well as other information, please visit the Halong Word Travels Guide. The guide also offers general travel information about Vietnam and other attractions in and around the area.

    Good luck on your travels.
  • Thank for advices. Another question, I am refering 2 tour agencies Vietnam Tour Booking and Halong-Bay-Tours, so what is best of two?
  • Halong-Bay-Tours could be better than Vietnam Tour Booking, they provide tour to Halong often and more professional. You should looking for some truthful travel agency before booking a tour, I see a lot of people have lost money for unfamiliar agency.
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    Thanks @Halaeleto, i am very worried about that, but i read review of the tour agencies on Tripadivor so good. So i think i can book tour in there. Hope all thing will be fine.
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