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UK Spouse visa application

Hi I've submitted my husbands application form online. I'm just waiting to receive his bio docs and signed copy of application before I sent docs to Sheffield.
I have IRL sticker on an expired passport on the online form I stated the IRL reference number as the passport/travel document number. I'm now doubting whether I've entered the correct details. I will submit my original passports with rest of the package just to be on the safe side. As they are foreign passports I've got photocopies attested by the embassy/consulate. If I have entrered wrong details is it worth contacted Home Office to get it amended. Not realising that I'll he submitted my passports I've gone and booked tickets to visit my husband in Pakistan for 19 March so looks like I'll be losing out on that. Anyway this is what I have as my paperwork
Sponsorship letter
6 months online payslips stamped by payroll along with cover letter
5 months original bank statements 1 month printed statement stamped at branch
Employment letter and contract
I earn a basic salary of £13300 but have been earning over £900 per month in comission. I have also been working overtime but have not inc that in the calculation as it's not mentioned in the employment letter or contract.
Annual mortgage statement and land registry.
Utility bills I my name
English test
TB test
Appendix 2 (are there any other forms I need to submit)
As its only me and my husband that will be living there I probably don't need property inspection report but I've paid for one so I will submit it anyway
Call logs/ wedding photos/post wedding photos/ whatsapp/ email.
My original passports
Photocopies of hubbys passports (not attested)
Hubbys passport sized photos
Flight tickets for when I traveled to Pakistan to get married.
I think that's everything. Please let me know if I'm missing something. Not sure about the sponsorship undertaking form.
Any replies will be most appreciated


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    @sonic, this is a continuation of a former conversation and it is confusing out of context. Please go and post it in the thread you originally started and which people have already responded to.
  • this is a new thread, sorry I'm new to this forum business.
  • @sonic
    You do not need to submit your passport only a copy of the bio page and visas and entry stamps particularly the entry and exit stamps for your wedding. Your husband is the one applying so his original passport must be submitted not a copy.

    The IRL number is your Home office reference number that is on all correspondence it starts with the first letter of your last name and is followed by numbers for example
    Sonic = S12345
    You cannot contact the Home Office to change incorrect information.

    You require six months paylsips and six months bank statements not five and the amount on the payslip must be the same amount on the bank statements.

    This form is also required the SU07

    I have no idea what a sponsorship letter is, did you make this up?

  • Thanks for your reply.
    I was advised by my solicitor to submit passports.
    I do have 6 months pay slips and 6 month bank slips (1 online statement)
    The number I entered starts with H, I was told it is the number on the right hand side of the sticker)but my name does start with S so I'm really worried about this. I've paid £400 to solicitors for them to misadvise me
  • the sponsorship letter is the sponsor letter stating where/how we met
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    You said " I was advised by my solicitor to submit passports." the solicitor who gave this advice is an idiot and does not know what he is talking about. I repeat you provide COPIES of your passports showing visas IRL and all entry and exit stamps. Your husband submits his passport as he is applying for the visa.
    Look at the immigration rules instrad of listening to fools.

    In your first post you said you had 5 bank statements, I am glad you have six

    I will repeat your IRL Home Office reference number is the first letter of your last name and five numbers as I did not know your surname I used Sonic as an example. Lets try again. If your name is Susan Jones then your Home office ref will be J12345. Do you understand now ? This number is not on your sticker but on any letters you have from the Home Office for example when you were granted ILR it is always on the top right hand side and clearly states Home Office reference.

    You do not need a "sponsorship letter" it is not a requirement of the immigration rules. If you want to write about your relationship its up to you but Entry Clearance Officers are not going to read pages of sentimental mush. Keep it brief and factual.

    Why fill the form yourself if you paid a lwayer £400?

  • solicitors completed form I'm just checking it over.
  • I've not submitted the printed copy so can I amend that then attach a cover letter to advise?
  • @sonic
    I never knew a solicitor who did not know the Home Office ref number. Do what you think is best.
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