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IRL on expired passport

I have my IRL sticker on an expired passport. Last year I travelled from Pakistan to UK with old and current passport with no problems. Someone has told me that that is no longer valid and you are required to have a BRP card but I've looked on the .GOV websites nowhere does it mention that.
I'm hoping to travel to Pakistan later this month but don't want any issues for when I return.
Any thoughts on that?


  • Hy . Im in uk
    My visa has been expired last year
    Nd now my paasport also is expired ths month.. My all documents held by tge home office
    Now i want go back to pakistan
    Am i able to get my all documents back
    Nd can i travel without any prob
    Pls give me some advise
  • @Sonic
    Frankly by now if you live in the UK you should have a British passport not stil be living on ILR,
    However you do need to apply for a biometric residence permit asap you will be allowed entry after your visit to Pakistan but immigration officers have a right to investigate your old ILR vignette. Immigration officers are informing holders of ILR to obtain BRP cards so I suggest you either apply for a British passport or a BRP
  • @saghar22
    I dont know what documents you want backand I cant think what documents are so important you want them back.
    You can ask for assistance to go back

    or you can inform the Home Office you want to go back to Pakistan but you will need to obtain a new passport from the Pakistan High Commission which you will find very difficult
  • Thanks Alethia I will definitely apply for my British passport but for now I just wanted to confirm that I will be allowed entry as I know what they are like at Pakistani airports.
  • Thanks althia
    Actually my degrees and pasport is in homeoffice . I have been applyd for extention. Tht was refused
    Now i want back my doc paasport
    Iam just confused
    Shell i contect the voluntry team
    Or home office or pakistani high commision
  • @saghar22
    You can ask for the return of your degrees, this is done on line
    The Home Office will not return your passport.
    Speak to the Pakistan High Commision regarding your passport first if they refuse to issue a new passport then you may need to as the removal section for help.
    The Pakistan High Commission will not let you have a passport to remain illegally in the UK
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