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Schengen visa application

edited March 2016 in - Turkey
I am a student at Istanbul university studying medicine I have applied before for Italian visa for tourism but I have been refused just for they couldn't make sure about my intentions that I will leave the schengen area at the time of leaving although I have a attached my Turkish residency permit and student certificate that I will return to turkey after but I think That wasn't enough.

So my Question now I have got an invitation letter to attend a medical conference in Austria at may should I apply for Italian visa again because I have heard that if u had rejected from a schengen country u wont be able to get it from another country before that country give it to u ?
Is that right or wrong ?
Or should I apply for Austrian embassy directly
I hope if there is any reply for this inquiry it really will affect my career
Thanks in advance
Best wishes


  • @mousaa
    What is your nationality as you do not say you are Turkish?
  • No I am not Turkish I am Egyptian
    I am an international student here
  • @mousaa
    There is no rule thats states you must apply to the country that refused you previously.
    Your last visa was for tourism this is for different reason and a different country.

    As well as the invitation to attend the conference, you will need a letter from your university stating why you need to attend and that you will be returning to your studies.

    Proof of your studies and that all fees are paid and your studies are proceeding well.

    Proof of accomodation where you stay in Turkey

    You must have evidence of flights and accomodation in Austria

    Evidence of sufficient funds
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