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About my daughter's visa

edited March 2016 in - New Zealand
Hi me and my husband are in New Zealand but our daughter is still in India.Now we wish to take her here but the problem is, her first entry into New Zealand is before 10/03/2017 which is a less time to take her here.So would you please suggest me what we have to do now to take her here.


  • @Gurjit99
    Can you explain what you mean when you say "her first entry into New Zealand is before 10.03.2017" this does not make sense. How old is your daughter? What type of visa do you and your husband hold?
  • I am a NZ citizen - I am travelling home from India to NZ but would like a few days stopover in Australia on the way. I will only have 4 months validity left - will that be a problem for Australia? Please advise
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