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Spouse application within uk

edited March 2016 in Expat Advice
Hi I need good advice
Im going to apply my spouse application
My wife is British and currently she is working at two place I mean she doing two jobs
One is full time and one is part time
And her wages from two jobs is
Job1. Job2
August 985. 348
Sep. 1450. 138
Oct. 1560. 36
Nov. 1350. 280
Dec. 1350. 365
Jan. 1560. No work
Total. 8255. 1167
Total from 2 jobs 9422
I been to 3 different solicitor every one give me different answer
Can I'm okay to apply at this condition bcoz there is one month missing from job 2 bcoz job 2 is agency work with zero hour contracts on this month work is quite that's why she can't work
My solicitor said if agency issues a letter when they mention the employee is our worker and she still work with us but at the moment we are quite that's why she miss this month
Then you are all right u can aplly with this
6 slips from ist job
5 slips from 2nd jobs
But I'm confused
Pls give me good advice


  • @razaraaz
    The UK immigration rules are very strict and it is mandatory that the salary from one or more jobs must be paid into the bank account every month, you cannot have five payslips from one job.

    Your solicitor is incorrect the immigration rules are clear, they are to be found here in Appendix FM and Appendix FM-SE

    The income is NOT calculated by adding the six months salaries together. Your wife's employers must give letters stating her annual salary before tax. All of this are in the rules mentioned above even to the exact contents of the employers letter.

    Can you please tell me what visa you hold that enables you to apply for a marriage visa in the UK.
  • I'm on student visa
    So what the solution if someone miss one month
    And what is rule
    Is 6 month continue work and 6 slips
    U have employed on this company from last 6 month or more
  • @razaraz
    Your wife needs to work for six months at both jobs its simple. I have given you the immigration rules, these must be followed and no solicitor can make it up as they go along, these rules are mandatory. I explained this clearly in my last post.
  • Thanks dear
    But what happened when we miss one month
    I mean we have slips from January to May
    Then June missing
    And then we have slips for July month
  • And what rule apply on zero hour contract
    Bcoz our 2nd job is zero hour contracts it's agency work
  • edited March 2016

    There is no rule regarding zero hours contracts because the Home Office does not care.
    It is up to your fiancee to find a regular job. You are looking for a loophole or way around this that does not exist.
    If you want to loose all the money you will pay in fees and have the visa refused then carry on being stupid. Tell your girlfriend to find another job. that is not zero hours and read the immigration rules.
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