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Eu spouse tourist refused

edited March 2016 in - Spain and Portugal
Hi Alethia,
I am a holder of a uk spouse visa and had booked our holiday to costa blanca spain on 9th April 2016.but i have been refused for only one readon of An alert SIS Schengen Information Sysytem.I got shocked please can you give advise what should I do to appeal or reapply.Thanks


  • @Ali007
    This is a very serious refusal , normally the spouse of a EEA national cannot be refused
    this is one of the grounds a non EEA spouse can be refused.

    An alert has been issued in the Schengen Information System (SIS) for the purpose of refusing entry
    This means you have a negative or criminal listing in the SIS; as long as this remains, it is usually not possible to grant you a visa

    The Schengen Information System (SIS) is a highly efficient large-scale information system that supports external border control and law enforcement cooperation in the Schengen States. The SIS enables competent authorities, such as police and border guards, to enter and consult alerts on certain categories of wanted or missing persons and objects. An SIS alert not only contains information about a particular person or object but also clear instructions on what to do when the person or object has been found.

    Do you have a criminal history ?
  • Thanks Alethia,
    I never ever did any crime or involved in any illegal activity neither in uk nor in pakistan. I am working here full time job as security officer and got CRB check clear otherwise its not possible to get your SIA Licence from UK Authorities if you are criminal or even involved in a very minor illegal activity. So thats why i am very stressed my wife and while family.i didn't expect that.they put my details i think instead of someone else mistakenly.
    I got my Police clearnce certificate from pakistan and i am graduate from Peshawar Unversity. I am an innocent and good character person that's why i m in uk for 5 yrs and doing full time job.even i never got caution in uk nor pakistan.
    Please what should i do our departure date is 09/04/2016.
  • @Ali007
    As you are aware many Pakistanis have similar names so itcould be an error.

    As a British citizen your wife should contact SOLVIT it must be your wife who contacts SOLVIT as she is the EEA national.

    Good luck
  • Hi Alethia,
    Thank you for your reply.
    You absolutely right that could be smiliar name and me and my family suffered.i will ask her about solvit but this website looking very complicated so what would you suugest her to speak via phone or email.please if you explain it.
    And Alethia could you please tell me about SIS how they get data or details of some on. Is it possible that if you have no good relations with someone like relative or ex friends make complain to SIS and ask to official to put this person details on SIS system?
    Or they don't do like that?please share your thought about that.
    I have sent email to Consulate general spain in london and i got reply from them and said you must do appeal so can you please guide me what docs should I submit to make my appeal strong.what would you suggest like Police clearnce certificate from pakistan and CRB Criminal record bureau from UK and my education Degree,pay slip and job letter from security company etc.
    I need your suggestions please
  • Please Alethia i m waiting for your reply of my previous detaied post.thanks
  • @Ali007

    SOLVIT is easy and straightforward and if you take the time to read it you will see it is set up by the European Commission to ensure the rights of EU citizens and their families.
    Go to SOLVIT and click on Submit a problem to SOLVIT on the left hand side simply answer the questions they will assist you.

    To appeal simply right a letter to the Spanish Embassy explaing why you believe the refusal is wrong. though do not expect a quick answer if you receive one at all. DO NOT send any original documents, send only certified copies.

    As for relatives or ex friends giving information to SIS i would say this is not Pakistan where such corruption abounds, SIS obtains its information through legal channels though it is not infalliable.
  • Alethia thank you for your kindness and your great work that you help people across the globe which is greatly appreciated.
    Can i speak to you via phone.
    You explained clearly about solvit.
    Can i parallely appeal to consulate general and solvit by my wife?
    Could you please tell me what kind of docs i need to lodge with my appeal,what woould you suggest if i submit my CRB(Criminal record bureau)which is clear.?
    And police clearance certificate from pakistan which clear as well.
    My educational documents, Unversity Degree.
    My job letter or pay slip.
    My security Licence etc.
    Please guide me and going to write my appeal grounds by myself to send by post tomorrow if i can.
    Thanks Ali
  • @Ali007
    Did you ever have any problems or political activity in Pakistan
  • No never at all.
  • Alethia i was waiting for your reply since yesterday
  • "... Alethia i was waiting for your reply since yesterday..."

    Ali, please keep in mind that you have not hired Alethia to be your lawyer/solicitor. She is simply a private member of this forum, same as anyone. She is not your personal consultant who can be expected to instantly be available to you. She has a life.

  • Thank you terry for your useful advise
  • Hi Alethia,
    My appeal has been unsuccessful so please advise me what should i do.?please
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