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Things to see and do in Idaho

I am planning a ski holiday in the US for late this year and I have heard that Sun Valley in Idaho is a great choice. I'm fairly convinced by my research on the resort but I am still open to suggestions about other possible ski resorts in Idaho? And I'm wondering if there is anything else I should work into the itinerary if I visit Idaho? Is Boise worth a visit or is the state really just about the outdoorsy stuff?
Many thanks,


  • Hi Mike,
    Idaho is indeed about the outdoorsy stuff. I have heard very good things about Sun Valley and it is by far and away the most renowned ski resort of the state. If you do visit Boise there is snow fun to be had in the nearby Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area. Idaho is not generally a popular state with tourists, by US standards, but it is supposed to be wildly beautiful so if it's pristine nature you're after it's a good choice. Check out this free Idaho Travel Guide for a bit more inspiration.
  • Idaho is a famous US state where you can ex[plore lots of destinations like
    Coeur d'Alene
    Idaho Falls
    Hells Canyon National Recreation Area
    Julia Davis Park  
    If you will visit theses kinds of sighting attractions of this state will come back with pleasant memories.
    What ay have you added them in your list?
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