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What documents are needed for marriage in Algeria or Tunisia?

edited March 2016 in - North Africa
I m algerian man I will marry with lethuanian woman in this april I do not know what documente she need to bring with her and which place we will go for marry algeria or tunisia


  • The dox she will need if you marry in Tunisia are:

    Birth certificate no older than 21 days before date of marriage
    If married previously, documents of divorce
    Certificate stating that she is single and able to marry
    You must both have blood tests before you are married

    All these must be translated to Arabic/French and certified.

    If you are a resident of Tunisia then you will have no problem to marry here but my understanding is that now you will need permission from your embassy if you are not a resident. Please keep in mind that these things change from day to day so you should keep up to date.
  • I live in algeria I m not resedent of tunesia but we want to meet there for enjoy some day I would like if we can merry there we win few time I do not know much a bout and I ask in wich place for know what to do ;I thnk you to replay
  • Hatta - you need to contact the Tunisian embassy to find out if you can have permission to marry here. I think now it will be possible and you can come as a tourist
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