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Schengen Visa requirements

edited March 2016 in Europe
I'm from India. I want to visit my friend in Hungary, who is a Hungarian citizen. For 30-50 days. I finished my studies just last year, so I'm currently training for jobs and hence unemployed currently.

I can show the following -
1. Invitation letter from host in Hungary, issued by Hungarian Office of immigration.
2. Host's passport copy, residence permit copy, bank statement, cover letter addressing the visa office.
3. Round trip return ticket confirmation.
4. My intent letter with travel plan (cities in Hungary on which date and few cities in Austria)
5. Airbnb reservation in my name for the stay outside Hungary.
6. My father's notarized sponsorship letter guaranteeing my return, and how much money he entitles for my daily expense.
7. My Father's bank account statement, Income tax returns, payslips, passport, house papers.
8. Fixed deposit in my name (can't say about maturity as my father takes care of that account, but it's in my name).
9. A land in my name (soon to be handovered to me from my parents within next month. Will be done before visa application.)
10. Travel medical insurance.
Will these work?


  • You should start your query by mentioning the single most important piece of information: Your nationality.

  • Indian.
  • I'm sure the resident expert Alethia will comment in a day or two, but here's my fear: You are demonstrating very little independence. You're depending on a sponsor and your father.

    That might make it fairly tough for a Schengen official to believe that you have enough ties at home that you truly will leave within the allotted time... especially since you're planning on visiting for weeks and weeks. That sounds like job hunting, not a casual vacation...

    Good luck.

  • @Greenbug
    There is one big obvious problem YOU DONT HAVE A JOB!
    You have no visible means of income and are reliant on your father and sponsor, thats ok if your a child but you are an adult.

    Terry is absolutely right your not going on holiday your job hunting and if people on this forum can see it then you can be sure the Hungarian official will see it.

    I predict that you will be refused on this basis.

    Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided.
    You have not provided proof of sufficient means of subsistence for the duration of the intended stay or for the return to the country of origin or residence, or for the transit to a third country into which you are certain to be admitted, or you are not in a position to acquire such means lawfully.
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    Greenbug, take a moment and put yourself into the shoes of the Schengen official... would you believe that an unemployed grown-up who is forced to depend on a sponsor and their own father is a reasonable travel risk?

    Nope. That's not a rational conclusion.

    Good luck.

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    1. Resident expert means?

    2. @CheersT @Alethia
    I don't need a job there. I won't be hunting jobs because my qualifications can earn me a respectful job in my country. I'm in training for that. I need a vacation. I'm going simply on vacation to relax. I can cut the days short to 30days.

    Terry is absolutely right your not going on holiday your job hunting and if people on this forum can see it then you can be sure the Hungarian official will see it.
    What do you mean? The officials check this forum?

    4. Also what do you mean by this?
    their own father is a reasonable travel risk?
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    @ Greenbug
    Resident expert means I am a very experienced lawyer in EU immigratiion law.

    You dont come across as very bright ,of course the Hungarian officials dont look at this forum they can tell everything they need to know from your documents.

    An unemployed person does not take a 30-50 day holiday your expectations are unrealistic. Because your family are relatively well off in India you think your fathers money can open doors for you. Unfortunately in western countries visas are not granted on the basis that your father has money to pay for their adult childrens holidays.

    I standby everything I said before , you dont have a job your an adult who is totally financially reliant on his father and on this basis you will not be granted a visa.
  • Okay I see.
    But I do have enough money to cover my stay. My fixed deposit is good enough too. Also, I have a property in India. I have everything here to return for. I come as a genuine person. It will be unfair if I can't convince them. what are your tips to convince them?

    Also don't they make exceptional cases? I have read about few such exceptional cases.

    Also, please tell me, will it help if I cut short my travel to 25-30 days?
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    Exceptional cases are on compassionate grounds your just a rich kid who wants a holiday.
    Your fixed deposit does not consitute accessible funds and you do not have a normal bank account .
    My tip to convince them.... get a job.
  • edited March 2016
    Greenbug, with all due respect you're sounding like yet another of countless entitled Indians kids riding on their daddy's coattails.

    You've accomplished absolutely zero to become an independent adult, you're simply another lucky rich kid thanks to your family.

    Sorry to be harsh... but yes... you're a big deal in your home town - we all get that - but it amounts to absolutely sweet dick all in the so-called "real" world.

  • @CheersT @Alethia
    It's pretty sure you got me all wrong. I must have sounded like that. My apologies first of all.
    The fact is I'm not rich. I don't know from where did you get that notion. If I were rich, wouldn't I just apply to an university abroad and let my father pay for it? But I can't - because? I'm not rich. I'm from a middle class family and I studied very hard in past years to get good marks and a god job and the graduation just finished last year. I'm simply on a study break and also training for service jobs in the meantime, ofcourse in India. I mentioned that at the first line of the first post.
    Me and my friend planned this vacation for over 4 years. Anyways, my problems are not the subject of your concern. Neither I want you to apologize for anything. Just don't tell such things about any person which are not true. We came here expecting help and kind advices because we are lost in the blue. I saw this forum is giving helpful advices, so I tried also. It's alright if you can't help. I totally understand. But these are really unnecessary.
  • Sorry if I misunderstood.

    Good luck with your application.

  • @Greenbug
    We give the best advice possible and sometimes it is not always what you want to here. In saying this you need to find work and take over your affairs. good luck
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