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Traveling to Miami

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Hello I am traveling to Miami this april (for work), I already have my transportation booked (Shuttlewizard) my hotel reservation at the (Epic hotel) and I know my meetings directions but I am staying 2 more days just for fun and I want to have a schedule of what to do ( maybe I need a reservation for a restaurant or a club) tell where should I go please...


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    Miami will seldom leave you bored with nothing to do - but you're going to have to narrow it down to what it is that interests you specifically.

    If you're perhaps looking to relax and unwind after your work excursion you could give the famous Miami beaches a visit. You made mention of restaurants and clubs; the South Beach streets are home to many vibrant clubs and bars which are worth a visit if you're into your nightlife. For a list of particular restaurants and bars have a look here. There is also lots of partying to be had in the Design District area.

    It really depends on what you are interested in, but here are some ideas:
    For some fun lighthearted sightseeing the Miami Aquarium is a great visit. The Miami Science Museum is also a popular choice as is the renowned Wolfsonian Museum.

    Perhaps check out the Word Travels Miami guide for more detailed information.
    Another great link:

    Hope that helps!
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