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German Blue card stolen while travelling in US

Hi there,

I'm a US citizen currently working in Germany. I have a Blue card. My wife is travelling in the US and her wallet (and Blue Card) was stolen, along with my childrens' blue cards. I know that I can cancel the electronic function of the cards, but how do my wife and kids come back into Germany at the end of their travels (in about 2 weeks) without their Blue cards? We've been living in Germany well over the 90 day Schengen period, so their US passports won't work. Is there any way around waiting for new Blue cards to be issued? This will take way longer than 2 weeks. Are my wife and kids stuck in the US until they get new cards from the local Auslaenderamt?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


  • @mattmcdon
    You need to cancel your wife and childrens blue cards imediately with the police.They'll provide a form certifying the registration of the loss which acts as an interim document pending your getting a replacement, which you should get as soon as possible, and in any case (at least apply for) within 14 days.
    You can then email these documents to your wife for her to show on arrival at the German airport.
  • Thank you very much Alethia! I will go to the authorities asap.
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