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Advice for traveling in a tour through Egypt and Jordan?

I will be taking a tour through Egypt and Jordan at the end of June by the help of Mantis Tourism & Attractions and am looking for advice in terms of what clothes would be appropriate, what kind of things I should bring or avoid, wondering about the weather at that time of year etc. People having any thoughts can contribute?


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    @Amitshir, the weather in Egypt in June is blisteringly hot (their hot season is between May and October), so you need to prepare for serious heat. However, as with most desert climates, Egypt can get surprisingly chilly at night so do take at least one light jumper or jacket. Jordan will also be very hot. You're looking at high temperatures over 33 degrees celsius during the day.
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    Climate in Egypt in June
    Egypt’s desert climate means that summers are particularly hot. Cairo can also become quite hot in summer because of smog.
    The average temperature in Cairo in June is 30 to 34°C (68 to 93°F). Sea temperatures in the Red Sea average 30°C (79°F) . The average temperature in Sharm el-Sheikh in June range from 28 to 37°C (79 to 99°F). However temperatures further south tend to be a lot higher and often reach over 40°C (over 104°F).

    Climate in Jordan in June
    The month of June is characterized by gradually rising daily temperatures, with daily highs increasing from 31°C to 33°C over the course of the month often exceeding 36°C.

    When travelling in Egypt and Jordan it is essential that you are completely geared up with summer clothes, sandals , walking shoes , hats, sunglasses and sun block lotion to protect yourself under the harsh UV rays of the sun whilst making sure that you are comfortable moving around.
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