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What to Wear in Dubai trip

What cloths can I wear in Dubai?


  • @ameliebrown, when are you visiting Dubai? Knowing the time of year will help us advise you on the climate (and may be important culturally, especially if you are visiting during Ramadan). As far as local custom goes, it is best to dress conservatively in Dubai. Women should ensure the tops of arms and legs are fully covered. Your underwear should never be visible and despite the heat swimwear or skimpy clothing should never be worn anywhere except at a hotel swimming pool or on the beach.
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    I am planning to visit in may and I have a little confusion about climate in May. Can you let me know what kind of whether will be there during May and what clothes to bring?
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    Dubai is extremely hot, and I'm afraid you are visiting in one of the hottest months. In May the temperatures in Dubai average between about 24 degrees celsius and 37 degrees celsius, but the temperatures frequently rise above 40 degrees. Luckily the interiors of hotels and shopping malls are extremely well air-conditioned. So you should take modest, loose clothing for public places, and remember to take some light cardigans or something of the sort to withstand the sometimes cold air conditioning inside. You don't need to worry about rain because it is very unlikely.
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  • Men are fine to wear shorts to the knee; T-shirts are more respectful than skimpy muscle vests no matter how much you want to show off your fine physique.
    Womens perfectly acceptable to wear swimming trunks, bikinis or one piece swimsuits on the beach or by the hotel pool; but it’s disrespectful to walk the streets in a bikini or in shorts and a bikini top.
    Dubai is a land of contrasts and a lot of that has to do with the mixing of cultures there. After all, between 70 and 80% percent of the population are expats so this is to be expected.

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