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Is mid September best time to visit Andaman Islands / Mauritius?

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I am a resident of Chennai, India. I am planning for my Honeymoon to Andaman Islands during the 3rd week of September. Is this the right time to visit Andaman? If not, is Mauritius the good place to visit at this time?



  • Ya, end of september or oct onwards is a good time to visit Andaman.

    Have a good day
  • u can visit andamans any time of the year... however sep to mid feb is the best time as the weather is superb during this time
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    The Andaman Islands have a tropical climate. There is medium to heavy rain during the monsoon, in the months from May to mid September and November to mid December. So If you are going mid Spetember you should be fine! :)
    Have a great trip!
  • As Sophia said, Andaman Island is tropical climate, during monsoon the island faces heavy rain May to Mid September, and traveling is not good for health. You can travel October month but I'm suggesting you travel between Feb and March, during this period the atmosphere remain romantic and easily roaming anywhere without any headache.

    By the way wish you happy journey.. don't forget to share memory after trip. 
  • I thing your journey will be pleasent. This is a very good time for going to honeymoon. It really a great idea.
  • Hi there RaguPrasad,

    By now it's already been some years ago since you and your partner went on a honeymoon and I'm sure we'd all love to know where you lovebirds ended up going! I found this thread on Google and, even though you might not be following it anymore, I thought I'd let the future readers know that I did some research with our travel clients and enquired with ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents), and we established that Aruba, the Dominican Republic, Botswana, Mauritius, Tanzania, Greece, Malta and Italy are generally seen as the most recommendable honeymoon destinations in November, with regards to the climate etc. I made you guys a small inspiration board, where you can get a feel for those 4 destinations and make your choice according to your preferences. Please find it here:

    If any of you have any other questions or doubts concerning honeymoon travel, please let me know. I'd be more than happy to do some research for you and contact the travel experts.
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