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I have dual passport SA and Portuguese.
My 2 sons have the same.
Been married for 26 years, my husband is SA.
We are wanting to live in Portugal.
How can my hubby live there?
He is a quantity surveyor. Difficult for him to work as QS as does not speak Portuguese.
If we buy a business does it qualify him, what are requirements?


  • @Jeanine
    Here is the route for obtaining a Portugese passport through marriage.

    Even without a Portugese passport your husband can apply for a marriage visa to enter Portugal and he will be granted a residence permit, through your nearest Portugese Embassy.
    As a Portugese citizen you can live and work in any member state of the European Union and your husband has the right to live and work also, without paying any visa fees.

    So you see you have more than one option

    Good luck
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