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Dubai 1st time

Looking to book a 2 week stay Abu dhabi so looking for any tips/advice as this will be our 1st time.

We like to be within walking distance to a beach so help on the best areas would be gratefully appreciated and also accommodation basis and cost of eating out.


  • @ameliebrown
    Your heading states "Dubai 1st time" but you are looking to stay in Abu Dhabi which is approximately 80 miles/130 kilometres from Dubai. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are completely places. So where do you want to go?

    The UAE is made up of 7 emirates(principalities) Dubai is an Emirate and Abu Dhabi is another both are ruled by different governments.
  • we want to visit both places
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    @ameliebrown I have never been to Dubai myself, but why not check out our free guide here at, it's helpful in finding out anything and everything you need to know.
  • Thank you for guidance
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