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Schengen Visa Refusal for Student

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Hello dear I applied for Schengen visa trough Sweden embassy but my visa was refused the raison mentioned intentions to leave to leave the territory of member states before the expiry dates of the visa couldn't be uncertain am student I applied with my school letter which explain that am student and I have a leave and Return school after 20 days civil I got verification from civil aviation authority is not the first time I traveled to Europe i appealed 2 weeks now no Answer Am back to school please I need Ur advice for next time so I will not be in the some situations


  • As with most questions about Visas you fail to mention the single most important piece of information: Your nationality.

    That said, in most cases being a student is NOT enough proof that you will return to your home country. Put yourself in the position of the Schengen official... would someone telling you that they'll return to school convince you of the person's serious intentions? No, of course not.

    The Schengen zone is overwhelmed with refugees. In order to receive a visitor's visa you need much, much better proof that you will indeed return home.

    Good luck.

  • @aviator, the appeal process for Schengen visas can take forever I'm afraid. Far better to just re-apply with a stronger application if possible. Did you include an itinerary and confirmed hotel bookings? Is there anything else you can provide that proves your links to your home country? Property ownership, dependents, work commitments of any kind... I know students often don't have these things, which makes it difficult.
  • Yes dear am a congolaise from DRC i Included my flight itinerary and hotel booking my dad send me the the bank startement of is compagny which was getting enought money my self I submit my bank startement too I really don't know what again I can include in my next application
    What can prouve from my home contry that I can I will return back also my flying fees is paid for it was well written in the letter .should I next time apply again in the some ambassy my study visa will be expirê in December now am back already at the school and I started to apply again for South Africa study permit so when I will get the leave I can reaply again thanks
  • Hello every body please I need Ur Help for my last post please
  • I'm afraid I have nothing to add @aviator. It seems cruel but sometimes students simply cannot motivate sufficiently to get visas to certain countries. Getting your renewed student permit for South Africa may help. As for where you should apply, it doesn't really matter if you apply again to the Sweden Embassy of another Schengen country - the requirements are the same. If your flights and accommodation are booked for Sweden then it will be expensive to change your plans completely and it may do no good.
  • @aviator
    Sending your fathers bank statement is not going to assist you, its you who must show you have sufficient funds not your father.
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    Ok thanks every body I really appreciate i will follow all this advices next time when I want to apply
  • If Schengen visa was been refused with the stump how many days have to take to reapply again?
  • @aviator
    You can apply as soon as you like there is no waiting time
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