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Visit Visa from Abu Dhabi to USA (B1/B2) - Form D-160

edited March 2016 in - USA
Hi All,

I am from Abu Dhabi, Nationality Pakistani. I am applying for family visit visa to US and I fill the form DS-160. I already declared there in travelling companion section that I am travelling with my wife and child. Now I am confused if I need to prepare two more applications (two more DS-160 forms) one for my wife and one for my child or whatever details I have entered in my DS-160 form as travelling companion will be enough for them as well. Furthermore, in order to apply for them, do I need to pay fee three times or is it only one time for one application.

Thanks & Regards,


  • @maqeelr
    You will need to file separate DS-160 applications for your spouse and dependent children.
    When you apply on line the web site makes this a little easier for you. Once you complete your application, on the "Thank You" page there will be an option to create another application for your family member. When you choose this option, it will automatically import some of the information from your form onto the next form, and so it will take less time to complete the spouse and dependent applications
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