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Cohabitation and relationship evidence - spouse visa to UK.

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Dear All,
I just join this forum and got few questions and i wish you can guys shed some light:
I got before an entry clearance to uk in 2008 - I applied for ILR from UK in 2011 and my application was sent back invalid- the home office said that my application was invalid due a credit card paiement error- Does this count as refusal??, I returned back home to Tunisia with my husband and baby daughter who was born in uk and she is a british citizen!
We lived together in tunisia from 2011 to end of 2014 when my husband got back to UK To settle himself again in the uk!
Now we wait one year till my husband got a permanent salaried job and actually we met all the requirement financial -accomodation and english!
We are ready to apply but am asking if i have to proove that we were living together over here in tunisia? shall i include bank statement of my husband in tunisia one for every year 2012-2013-2014-2015 and some bank letter for me and phone contract to show that we living in the same address?
We are married for 8 years now i am going to give photos for the three of us since we married- viber and whatsapp call logs, western union, viber screenshots!
my husband didnt visit us since one year now could be this an issue - first he was looking for job and then he still cant have his holiday to come and visit and we were focused on preparing accomodation and history of 6 months payslips and bank statements, could this be an issue ?? - What can u advise me plz?
thanks in advance


  • @hope16
    I read your post with disbelief that you threw away the chance of ILR. An invalid application is not a refusal, you were at fault as the Home Office could not take the fee from your bank account. All you had to do was send back the documents and make sure you had the right amount of money in the bank and you would have probably been granted ILR.
    Then to compound the error you go back to Tunisia.
    The fact you have been married for eight years, the stamps in your husband and your passport, photos and all the other things you mentioned including your wedding photos is all you need.
    I hope you do things properly this time.
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    Dear Alethia,
    Thank you for your email, I regret it myself a lot ...Honestly I was stupid !!
    I hope it works for me know!! so do u think its no need to give proof of address for my husband and me to show we have been living together in tunisia from 2011-2014-??? Now apart we still in daily contact which i have all evidences for viber history!
    I enroled my daughter in local school in Uk i am thinking to add this letter too with my daughter's copy of british passport what do u think am I stading a chance ??
    Does the fact that the last stamp in my husband's passport is dated dec 2014 --we did not met since this date could be an issue?
    but we are in daily contact since that and i have proof.
    Please advise
    Thanks in advance
  • one more question pla do I need to include the home office letter i received in 2011 With my Documents? I put the reference ID in my application Do i still need to include the letter or No?
    Thanks in advance
  • @hope16
    You do not need to worry that you have not seen your husband since December 2014, that is acceptable.
    You can put in the 2011 letter if you want although the Home Office will have this on your file.
    The sachool letter is a good idea, you seem to have weverytjing under control this time
    Well done.
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    Thank you Alethia, so just concerning the point of cohabitation evidence for the period 2011-2014 shall I include the bankstatement and some letter s for me showing that we have been living at the same address in Tuinisia? Is it a good idea ? am afraid they doubt in the consistance of our relationship ,? sORRY FOR INSISTING
  • @hope16
    As I said earlier proof of cohabitation is an excellent idea you are doing very well.
    You and your husband can also write letters explaining why you returned to Tunisia, where you lived in Tunisia and where your husband worked and that you are in a committed relationship and the recent separation was only for your husband to settle find work etc.
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    Thank you for your answer actually i wrote my cover letter still not finished yet and also my husband did the same he wrote his sponsorship explaining why we return and that he went firstly to uk to sort out stable work and accomodation before we join him ,but he didnt mention that we live at (spetial address)in tunisia !? Shall i mention it in my cover letter ?! Is it ok if we did not mention everything the same in our letters??
  • @hope16
    Of course you can mention it in your letter
  • Thank you very much! Once i am done with my cover letter can i send it to u to tell me your advice plz? Is that ok?
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