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Passport validation

My Passport runs out in September 2016 and I'm thinking of traveling to Europe in May will I need to renew this passport I am British


  • @jokerjojo_37
    As a British citizen traveling in Europe your passport should be valid for the proposed duration of your stay; you don’t need any additional period of validity on your passport beyond this.
  • Hello I Have friend from Nigera wants to come to United States i have been talking to this man for six years now I think it time that we meet he was telling me that he need to form of doucment for me so he can vistor United States one hes say invite letter and other one is something from embrassy will u please guide me in right direction he willing to pay his own way over her this man never ask me for no money at all.
  • Dear Nakia6962,

    You need to do absolutely nothing.

    Your friend simply applies for a Visa from the American Embassy and then the both of you see what happens.

    Good luck with your friend. Do NOT get sucked into providing additional support. He either has the prerequisites to visit the US, or not. That's not on you.


    PS Do not post your email on a public discussion forum. That makes no sense.
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