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Residence In South korea

edited March 2016 in - South Korea
Hi everyone, i am Johnson and im planning to visit South Korea with a tourist visa(one month visa).
I intend to stay there and work. When i get there and get married to a Korean woman before the visa expires, will i be given immediate residence? And is it really easy to find a Korean woman who will agree to marry me within one month?
Your advise will be appreciated


  • @Vic
    You cannot work on a tourist visa. Employers apply for work permits but the visas must be obtained at the Korean Embassy or Consulate based in the country where is the applicant's place of legal residence i.e. the applicants home country.

    Finding a Korean woman to marry you in a month is extremely unlikey particularly as it is a criminal offence. Sham marriages in South Korea are punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a maximum fine of 50 million won ($46,000).

    Also in 2014, a law was revised in order to require all foreign spouses of South Korean nationals to have a basic level of Korean as a condition of entry.

    Its obvious you have no morals and will happily break South Korean law, be careful South Korea has very strict laws.

    You do not give your nationality, but you need to understand that just because you have a visa you can still be refused admission upon arrival in South Korea,

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