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Usa visa refused several times

Hello Dear all
My cousin have have been refused Usa study visa 5 times from DRC and in the letter they have been tell him he can apply after any time he think that the application will succeffuly. The in 2013 he decided to go and study in South Africa he tried to apply visit visa they refused him again I would like to ask an advice what can he do for this or is ban but always in the refusal letter they say he can apply any time he always failed an interview He got congolaise nationality


  • @aviator
    Whenever a person is refused a USA visa the applicant is notified of the section of law which applies in other words the reason for the refusal. What is the point of reaaplying if your cousin is ignoring the resons for refusal.

    As for South Africa, any visa applicants whose applications have been rejected have a right to be informed and are given written reasons. In fact South Africa allows these adverse decisions to be appealed.

    Your cousin needs to understand why he is constantly refused by reading the refusals and correcting all the reasons for rejection
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