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Easiest way to apply for travel visa for croatia

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I am a South African wanting to travel to Croatia in October for a week . How do I go about applying for a travel/tourist visa? Are there any specific websites that I could visit to download application forms or is it easier to go through a travel agent?


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    you do need a visa to enter Croatia for tourist purposes. You can check the visa regime on the official website of Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration ( Just select South Africa and you'll get the information you need, as well as the visa application form, application process and fees.

    To make it easier for you, here is the link to download the visa app form:

    The address / phone of Croatian embassy in South Africa:

    1160 Church Street
    0083 Colbyn, Pretoria
    P.O. Box 11335, 0028 Hatfield, Pretoria
    Phone 0027 12 342 1206
    Fax 0027 12 342 1819
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    Hi, I am holding Indian passport and resident in Dubai, UAE and planning to travel next week to Zagrib, Croatia for the business visit. Can you please provide me contact details in Croatia Embassy in UAE.
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    Dear sir/madam

    I am Nigerian passport holder i want to travel to Gilbraltar for tourist as there is not Gilbraltar consulate in my country .Please can any one help me to tell me how to take my Gilbraltar visa either online or through an agent please respond and give a website link to apply thanks
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