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Obtaining visa for travel to Oum El Bouaghi, Algeria

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Hello i want to book to go to Oum El Bouaghi, Algeria for 2 weeks with my daughters as i have just got married and looking to book to go and see my husband's family in Algeria as we married in Tunisia, just waiting for all the paper work know, is it easy to get a visa for myself and girls? not going till July but want to start booking but not sure to book to go to Algeria or just take them to Tunisia as you dont need a visa


  • As with almost all question on this forum about Visas you fail to mention the single most important piece of information: Your nationality.

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    I wonder what planet your from not just your nationality, because you are obviously one of those women who is so blinded by your urge to steep yourself in your husbands culture that you would put you and your young daughters in danger.

    What kind of holiday is this to give your children? Oum El Bouaghi is five and a half hours from the capital Algiers or the seaside. How will you get out if there is trouble, but of course there wont be trouble because you new husband will porotect you !

    Algeria is very conservative you will be expected to dress and behave modestly, no shorts or skimpy tops. Your husbands home may not even have the type of toilet you sit on but the ceramicc squatting toilet - nice.! No airconditioning and in july its hot averages are 36degrees. No English TV and internet connections are not always good.
    Do you like Algerian food , no chicken nuggets or fast food here.

    Why do you think its so difficult to obtain a visa. Why Algerians are not free to travel outside their country , because Algeria is a very dangerous country there is a high threat of kidnap against Westerners and terrorism is high on the Algerian agenda. All major governments advise against travel due to kidnap, civil unrest and terrorism.

    Go to Tunisia , let your Algerian family visit you and most of all keep your daughters safe.
  • i wont be going to his home i will be going to algeria tourist part,and i dont eat fast food
    and i do know that i cant wear skimpy clothes witch i dont,as i always covered my self was only asking about a visa and a bit off information,and thanks as i will be booking to go to Tunisia as i know it is alot safer there as i have just come back after 3 weeks there,as i no it very dangerous that part of algeria but thanks
  • thanks as i wont be going there as i know my husband will look after me but i dont feel safe taking my girls there what i have just read so will book to go to Tunisia
  • i am British
  • Maria - just so you know......Tunisia is not that safe either at the moment! You can come here visa free for 3 months but would advise you to be careful where you stay and in what region. Also please take seriously your government's warning advisory. I live here and I know what it is like here right now. We are expecting another terrorist attack as the days come into summer.
  • ohh really :( and ok thanks just thinking what to do and were to book as i no how hard itis for him to come here in UK and other country's as he do want me to go in his country in algeria and i have said to him that i will not go there as i aint taking the risk with my daughters,i was looking to go hammamet for 10 days so u saying in july that i wont be safe ??
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    This is what Lesley is talking about

    The British government now advise against all but essential travel to Tunisia.

    A state of emergency is in effect in Tunisia, imposed after a suicide attack on a police bus on 24 November 2015. It has been extended a number of times. On 22 March it was extended for a further 3 months, to 22 June 2016.

    Thomson and First Choice offer package holidays to Morroco both British and Algerians can stay for 90 days without a visa. Agadir is probably the best place to stay with your girls. Travel Republic and On The Beach also offer holidays to Morrocco.
    The British government offers no warnings against Morrocco
  • ok thank you
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