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Cruise ship visa for India

edited April 2016 in - India
I am a US Citizen and will be on an 18 days East Asia Cruise. Since I will be visiting the following cities of India, COCHIN, INDIA MANGALORE, INDIA MORMUGAO GOA, INDIA MUMBAI, INDIA. What type of visa would I need? Single visa or Muliple visa! etc....



  • @aldeo
    You will find the information you require here
  • This is helpful. Thank you!
  • I visited the following website

    The e-Tourist Visa for India is only set for arrivals at the International airport in India. However, the Cruise ship I will be in, will be arriving at 4 Sea Ports of India. I would like get off the Cruise ship and visit the Cities as well as do some souvenir shopping. What type of Visa would be required for Sea Port arrivals?

  • @aldeo
    I have made lengthy searches and am leaning towards a multiple entry visa as you are visiting cities in different states of India, but I cannot confirm this. I am UK based

    This is website of the Indian Embassy in Washington DC
    it clearly shows that the Indian government like many countries use the services of a global agent to issue the visas in the USA.

    That company is Cox and Kings Global Services. Thier phone number is on the Indian Embassy website and here is Cox and Kings website.
    I suggest you contact them.

    Please let us know the outcome.
  • I contacted them and was told that I would need a multiple entry visa. Thank you again for your help!!
  • Do US travelers need an International Certificates of Vaccination for various diseases when visiting India?
  • @aldeo
    You do not require the "Carte de Jeune" short name for the International Certificates of Vaccination unless you have travelled to or your journey starts from a country where yellow fever is prevalent.

    Here is the information from the Indian government

  • Thanks again!!
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