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Pakistan citizen refused Schengen Visa

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Hi I am from Pakistan. I applied for the Schengen visa to visit Italy with my wife its got rejected. What should i do now? Should i reapply? or can i apply to German or other embassy? reasons of the refusal was 1) justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided and 2) justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable.


  • @satifali
    The Schengen countries will refuse your visa if you shop around at other embassies
    Go back and provide more evidence and reasons for your return to Pakistan
  • Alethia thanks for reply. but i am afraid that if i reapply may be they will refuse again to justify their last decision :/
  • i showed my property business even my mom is dependent on me but i dont know why i got this reason after the interview
  • Read the reason(s) why your application was rejected, correct the mistakes, then apply again.

    Good luck.

  • how soon i can re-apply ? can i choose another embassy ... i mean can i change my travel plan ?
  • @satifali
    You can apply when you want there is no waiting times. You can go to another embassy but there must be a change in your circumstances and evidence.
  • Hi, I applied for netherland visa with my one year old son but it got rejected that intention of stay is not clear and that we are not sure that you will come back to your territory. Background is my husband is in armed forces nowadays working with UN in central african republic. we planned to visit schengen area. He got his french visa as there is no other embassy. so i applied for netherland but only provided the form with e supporting documents not an application giving all the background. my visa got rejected. i didnt appeal. Now i am again applying for Schegen visa through French Embassy with a good background application and also showing my husand's visa copy. secondly i dont have any land or propety in pakistan that i can show.i only have my own employers certificate and NADRA family registration certificate showing the family tree i.e (MY husband, me and our son). please give comment about the possibilty that i will get the visa or not
  • @Faru
    Firstly you have learnt your lesson, the first application was ridiculous.
    You need to give your Nika Nama from the Union Council and your sons birth certificate.

    Is your son going with you or staying? If he is staying, evidence of his school i.e a school letter and a 20 rupee affidavit stating who he will stay with.

    Evidence of your husbands job.

    Do you have a bank statement in your name with money in it? What about your husbands bank statements can you show them.

    Where will you stay in Europe?
    You need evidence of your flights and accomodation from a travel agent NOT from on line.

    Good luck
  • I have rejected study visa from italy embassy. The reasons fro rejections are state of purpose letter is not reliable and intended stay can not be ascertained. Dear alethia plz guide me for next study plan. I have got admission in latvia. I heared that they give visa and visa ratio is good. Mostly Students got visa But I am afraid of rejection.PLz give me suggestion that should I apply the visa for LATVIA and I will approve the visa? And my previous refusel will effect my visa file or not?
  • @rida
    What nationality are you and are you a single male ?
  • Dear MAM, I belongs to pakistan and I am single female.plz reply I am worried.
  • @umarumilla
    It is highly unlikely that you will be granted a visit visa to Norway even if you appeal because your marriage is not registered or recognised by the Norwegian population system. Its obvious by this that your wife does not have a clue.

    The Norwegian authorities believe that you are trying to bypass the immigration rules by entering Norway as a visitor Norway is not the only country that takes this stance many other countries refuse to grant vist visas to men from poor countries who are engaged or married to women from richer countries.

    You have no legal entitlement to enter Norway just because you are married to a Norwegian citizen, yes you can appeal but you are wasting your time.

    Your wife needs to get her act together and apply for you to join her in Norway as her husband not as a visitor, that is the only chance you have of being together.

  • Thanks for your reply, she is going to have a surgery on September and she needs me to be with her through the surgery, we have thought about the idea of applying for me to join her as her husband but we have some difficulties with the rules, first of all, the Norwegian immigration rules states that she has to get around 3000 kroner before tax a month for the previous year and also the processing time takes longer up to one year, what is your advice to this situation if she wants to apply for me to join her as her husband since she earn below the required amounts.
  • edited July 2016
    Just because you marry does not give you the right to visit or live in your wife's country. You should have looked into this before rushing into marriage.

    Your wife needs a lot more than 3000 Norwegian kroner she needs to meet the income rules and if she cannot raise 3000 N Kroner she cannot be earning enough to meet the income rules.

    It is very nice to have your partner with you when you have surgery but it is not the end of the world. Your wife lives in a first class country with excellent healthcare. Is her surgery life threatening or very serious?
    Without serious grounds you need to face up to the fact that you will probably not be granted a visa.
  • On the udi page they said if you are going to visit your spouse you will normally be granted a visa. Her surgery is serious. Also with the issues of ties with my country, I have a plot of land which I didn't make known when applying and also a deed of some properties that I hope to receive in the future. Why does it have to be hard for us when we truly loves each other and want to spend time together? I have no plan to stay beyond my visa. Please I want you to suggest for us what to do to increase our chances of get the visa, she needs me to be with her and there is non to look after her after she has gone through the surgery. Appealing will be a waste of time but she wants to get the marriage registered in their Norwegian population system and take the necessary steps for us to be together as fast as possible before the surgery. What do you think we should?
  • repected mam,
    I have posted the following question for better suggestion from you on 22 july. plz reply me. I am worried.

    I have rejected study visa from italy embassy. The reasons fro rejections are state of purpose letter is not reliable and intended stay can not be ascertained. Dear alethia plz guide me for next study plan. I have got admission in latvia. I heared that they give visa and visa ratio is good. Mostly Students got visa But I am afraid of rejection.PLz give me suggestion that should I apply the visa for LATVIA and I will approve the visa? And my previous refusel will effect my visa file or not?
  • @umarumilla
    I am repeating myself ....... your marriage is not registered or recognised by the Norwegian population system.... That is a big problem.

    Did you provide a letter from a doctor regarding your wife's serious operation? Did you provide evidence again from the doctor that she has no one to care for her?

    A plot of land and some property you hope to recive in the future are not ties to your home.

    Surely you discussed visas and how you will live together before you married. Did you meet on line and then marry on her first visit?

    The laws you face are standard in most countries in Europe, UK, Australia, Canada USA etc
  • @rida
    I have no idea why you were given the refusal from Italy , there must have been something wrong with your documents.
    So I suggest you re-visit your documents.
  • there are two reasons for my visa rejection.
    1. your state of purpose letter is not reliable.
    2. your intended stay can not be ascertained.
    plz tell me how I can solve these two points ? if apply my study visa to any schengen zone, do any other schengen countries will reject my visa? If yes, then plz guide me, how I can explain my previous refusel ? And do I need to write a separate letter for the clerification of refusel? while they stemp on my passport, which indicates that the date of file submission is 21 december.
  • Thanks for your reply which have helpful as well educative to me, I met her online in 2013 and she visited me in January 2015 and we got married on her first visit. Here is what we want to do now, she will get the marriage registered on Monday, get a letter from her doctor for the surgery as well as a letter showing that their is non to look after her after the surgery. What do you think about this and how do you think you can help with expert advice to increase our chance of getting the visa?
  • @umarumilla
    You cannot do more than what I already told you. Please let me know if you get the visa. Good luck.
  • @rida
    " your state of purpose letter is not reliable. "
    This means they did not believe your university documents.

    "your intended stay can not be ascertained"
    This was because your university documents were not believable.

    If you apply to Latvia you need to show bona fide university documents,your eductional documents from home, funds to support yourself and where you will stay in Latvia. Everything must be original no copies. If your parents are sponsoring you copy of their passport and certified bank statements for last 6 months.

  • What is your advice on my situation? I would appreciate it if you can explain in detail as to what we should do.
  • thanks mam, I have got admission in liepaja university, which was founded 1954 and government university and one of the oldest educational establishment in the kurzeme region. I hope That I can find visa.Because I have bank statement, own property documents and job leave letter in private education system. Do I need more for the justification of intended stay like round trip ticket reservation. And plz tell me that is my previous refusel will effect my new visa profile? Can I will rejected again?
  • @rida
    Do you have letters from the University ? Your last refusal will not be held against you.
  • yes mam, I have real letter from university and AIC, AIC STANDS FOR ACADEMIC INFORMATION SYSTEM. study agreement and hostle agreement. MAM kindly tell me that how I can believe the visa officer for my intended stay. what things are required for clear this point. While state of purpose letter is not required in latvia?
  • mam plz reply, what evidence can show my solid returing proof in pakistan after completing my education.
  • @ rida
    This is the procedure and documents that you require to obtain a student visa for Latvia

    The Consulate of Latvia requires applicants to apply for Latvian visas directly, and a personal appearance may be necessary at the nearest Latvian Consulate.

    Passport Requirements:
    Original, signed passport (and two copies) valid for 6 months beyond stay in Latvia, with at least one blank passport page available for available for Latvian visa stamp. Amendment pages in the back of the passport are not suitable for Latvia visas.
    Latvian Visa Application Form:
    One original Latvia visa application form properly completed and signed, plus one copy.

    Photo Requirements:
    One recent 2 x 2 passport type photograph, in color, front view and with a plain/white background.

    A copy of confirmation of the visa fee payment.
    Proof of acceptance from the university or educational institution.
    Proof of Accommodation Documentation certifying your accommodation during the programme in Latvia.
    Transcripts and diplomas plus copies related to your education in Pakistan translatred if required
    Proof you have paid the university fee.
    Six months bank statements

    In case of Exchange Program: a document issued by an accredited higher educational establishment of the Republic of Latvia confirming that the foreigner participates at the exchange programme in the framework of the international cooperation of the higher educational establishments.

    In case of studies NOT affiliated with Exchange program: an agreement on studies in the Republic of Latvia AND Documents confirming that you have acquired the necessary education to start the studies
    Official Invitation from Latvia:
    Official Invitation from the University approved by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.
    Proof Of Departure:
    A flight itinerary from the airline or a travel agency or copy of airline ticket showing entry and departure from Latvia.

    Why not contact thes students
  • mam, plz tell me, if i will not apply for degree exchange programme before visa approval. then i can not apply for degree exchange programme after visa approval.
  • @rida
    You must apply for the exchange programme before you apply for your visa.
  • Mam, I am filling the visa form. plz tell me.How I can fill the option number 24 and 25. which is related to
    24. numbers of entries requested.
    single visa
    multiple visa
    double visa

    25. indicate number of days

    mam my bachelor degree is consist of 4 years. And I can not understand how many days I can indicate for intended stay.Should I apply for single, double or multiple visa.
  • @rida
    Surely this is a single entry because this is the D visa application that enables you to enter Latvia you are then granted a residence permit for which you use to travel once you are settled.
    Question 25 asks the duration of your planned stay (from- unitl) here you put dates for example 1 september 2016 to 1 July 2020
    where it states number of day write 4 years

  • oh thanks mam , i want to come back in Pakistan during holidays .so, If I apply multiple entry visa. Then I will save from applying new visa application from pakistan. Plz tell me What if I apply multiple entry in my visa application. What would be the result? positive or negative? or nothing?
  • @rida
    It will not have a bad effect apply for what you want
    What I am trying to tell you is this is the D visa is only valid for ninety days to allow you to enter Latvia,. Once you are in Latvia you will be given a student residence card. You will use this residence card to travel in future not the D visa.
  • thanks mam
  • plz guide me do I need to make a cover letter for my previous schengen refusel. Or The visa office rwill know about my schengen refusel, when he/she will see my refusel stemp date on my passport.
  • @rida
    You do not need to do a big cover letter about the refusal.
    Write a small simple letter stating how much you want to study and that your application for Italy was refused as Italian officials were unhappy with the documents provided by the university. Do not make a big fuss.
    Write that you have been accepted at Liepaja university, and here are a list of documents in support of your application. Then list numerically all the evidence you are providing.
  • Alethia, you're a saint.

  • edited September 2017
    LOL !!! Terry I am certainly not a saint, just patient.
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