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Travel agency in Accra, Ghana

edited April 2016 in Africa
Greetings people I'm just pondering is there an agency in accra Ghana goes by the new of chardiel agency. I want to book my " friend " an online plane ticket I was not to . It's much easier to do there in Ghana. I've tried looking for this so called agency . Can anyone shed some light please so I can tell her to get ******** in a manner of speaking.


  • @williewill
    Your post is not very clear, why do you need this particular travel agent to buy your on line "friends" air ticket.
    Frankly if you have never met your online "friend" I suggest you be very careful paying money it could be a scam.
  • Why in the world would you send money to a so-called Travel Agency that doesn't even have a verifiable on-line presence?

    It's bad enough that your "girlfriend" is likely scamming you, but to also send money to a secretive "Travel Agency" is nuts.

    You must have deep pockets. Good luck.

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