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Cala Bona & Cala Millor

Does anyone know the distance between Cala Bona & Cala Millor?


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    It is actually connected - walking distance between the two - one beach runs into the next. The two beaches occupy a sea front of about 4km.

    Lovely part of the island and not totally over run with tourism. Cala Bona tends to be more Bristish tourists, Cala Millor German.

    We have several businesses and properties for sale in that area with our estate agency Grupo Mallorca Select
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    Heather: you may also be interested to know that depite the fact that my wife is disabled and can't walk more than 500 yards in UK, she made it from the Levante Hotel in Cala Bona to Cala Millor and back several times - it is all flat - several coffee shops on the way, and with the sun on your back, it is a different world.

    Roger: we want to move there, but I think we will find it hard to be "locals" but we don't want to be part of a Costa type expat community. Are there any small British communities in the Cala Bona area which could help us adjust.
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    Hello Luke?
    The fact is Germans and English are the biggest ex pat community on the island and together outnumber the locals! There are many groups of "local" Brits that do not represent the "usual" Little Britain crowd who do not want to integrate and create their insular surroundings with imported food; television and beer.
    A great way to find people who have the same taste, pass times and hobbies as yourself is via the Social Networks now. Facebook; Twitter; Xing; Internations, to name a few all have strong Mallorcan membership. Just open up a profile, enter your likes and dislikes - then search for similar people in Mallorca. No longer are these networks just for youngsters. Facebook has over 350 million members and the fastest growing demographic group is 35+ - join up and see what new friends you can find.
    Any help you need finding a new home or business here please feel free to visit my web pages:
    When you are visiting the island pop in for a coffee at our agroturismo ( - we're not far from Cala Bona!
    Hasta pronto
    Roger Swain
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