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Visa for Luxembourg, travelling to Paris

edited April 2016 in - France
Hi, i am planning to visit Paris with my family this may 2016. My family lives in India and they have got Visa of France from there. However i stay at Ukraine ( Have Residence Permit) and had eariler applied for a business visa through my company for luxembourg. This businesss trip got cancelled and i have a valid Schengen Visa for Lux.

Please help me if it is OK to travel to Paris with this visa. I am planning to stay there for 4 nights and along with my family return to Kiev. My family would stay with me in Kiev for another 2 weeks and then leave for India.



  • @Prabz, if you have a valid Schengen visa you should be able to visit any country within the Schengen zone. There is a small chance that you might encounter some resistance at border control though: one of the conditions of a Schengen visa is that you travel with all the documentation used to get the visa in the first place (proof of funds, proof of accommodation, proof of ties to home country etc). If you are unlucky and you get thoroughly investigated at immigration control you could technically be denied entry, but this is rare. Generally they will just check your passport, see that you have a valid Schengen visa, and that's that. My advice is to take all the documentation you used to get your Luxembourg visa and proof of your itinerary, accommodation etc in France, so that your bases are covered if they start asking questions.
  • Bear in mind that the security situation in Paris is pretty tense at the moment.
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