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Legal capacity for Egyptian in Philippines

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Hi I'm a filipina, my boyfriend and I decided to get married here in ph. He is an Egyptian. My problem is how can i obtain his legal capacity here without his appearance and what are the requirements? Can he pass all the requirements through mailing or fax? Please can anyone help me? Thank you and godbless


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    The certificate of legal capacity is issued by the Egyptian Embassy in the Philipines your fiance should go there upon arrival and obtain this document. It cannot be done by fax or email.
    I suggest you contact the Egyptian Embassy Manila for instructions.
  • Hello I just want to ask if my fiancé possible to get his legal capacity in the Egyptian Embassy here in Dubai especially that we are currently working here in UAE? And we will bring only the certificate when we travel in Philippines? Because we have only 15 days to stay in the Philippines and we feel worried that if we will get in the Egyptian Embassy in Philippines it will take more days to get. Please I need a advice.
    Thank you and God bless.
  • @keithnakpil

    Can you explain "legal capacity" I have never heard this term so am unable to advise yoi
  • hello ma'am im a filipina and my boyfriend is egyptian. we are planning to merry in philippines. i would like to ask what is the requirements/dpcuments for my boyfriend egyptian to prepare?
  • @budzoj
    As you are a citizen of the Phillipines surely all you have to do is ask at your local marriage office in the Phillipine district where you will marry whay documents you and your fiance need to marry
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